About Greenleaf Sport Corp

Greenleaf Golf Sandals from Sarasota, Florida:

Are the Number ONE ladies Golf Sandals in the market today.  We built the brand listening to you, our loyal customers.
Our focus will always be on what our customers want.  We listen to your feedback in order to serve you BEST!

This allows us to offer great golf sandals that are Fashionable, Affordable and Comfortable, These are the F.A.C.s!

All the products we offer will meet the F.A.C.s

Fashionable sandals is where we start,  There is nothing like having your friends notice something different about you(as long as it is good) like having the latest Fashion Sandals.  They will be asking where you got those great looking sandals.  “GreenleafSport.com”   The shoes we sell are always up with the latest fashions .  From the most outrageous Exotic Leathers to the most Traditional Leathers we will have what you are looking for.

Affordable shoes is a must.  There is nothing like having a pair of High Fashion Sandals and then letting (or not) your friends know that it did NOT cost you an arm and a leg to get them.  All the sandals Greenleaf Sport Corp will be made to fit your price point.  We offer a wide range of prices, including some of the best sale items on the Web.  Our site is fully secured and constantly upgraded with the latest security measures to keep your info safe and secure.

Comfortable sandals will make buying a second pair a no brainer.  There is nothing like walking miles in a new pair of sandals and forgetting that you even have a new pair on.  We offer soft leather uppers that are durable and practical. Easy to clean with just a soft damp cloth. Absorbent liners and perfectly padded Arch Support give you comfort and breath-ability while out playing your favorite sport. We’ve spent hours on the course too, and we know how important comfortable shoes are.

If for some reason or Any reason your sandals do NOT meet the F.A.C.s simply email us within 30 days and we will pay for the shoes to be returned no questions asked.

They will also improve your golf swing! Well, actually, we’ll have to leave that part up to you.

High Quality Sandals by a Family Owned and Operated Company – That’s Greenleaf Sport Corp!

But Direct and Save! If you find the same style for less we will beat it by 10%!

Greenleafsport.com listens to Feedback so Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on or what you would like to see offered or just a story you would like to share..