Merciphil Foundation Inc.

Merciphil Merchandise Coming Soon! 10% of Greenleaf Sandal profits will be donated to the foundation!

Mercidia and Phil (founders) have been changing lives in Nicaragua for years and now we want to share with you the things that can be done with 20% of all profits funding the Merciphil Foundation a non-profit organization.

Mercidia is from a small village in southern Nicaragua. She grew up during the civil war in the 80s with missiles flying overhead from one mountain to the next while her village was in the middle.  She watched as some of her family members were kidnapped and tortured.  Even today, she feels the guilt and pain of watching and not being able to do anything to help.  She was one of the lucky ones and was able to escape the suffering.  Since that time, Mercidia has always felt the need to help.  She has earned degrees in Psychology and Nursing and has been involved with humanitarian efforts for the less fortunate in her country.  Every year, she has donated a part of her salary to bring Christmas dinners to families in need.  She has already fed many, many families from her annual donations.

Mercidia met Phil in 2017 and was married 3 years later. Phil is the founder and President of Greenleaf Ladies Golf Sandals (founded in 2001).  Phil learned of Mercidia’s efforts to help the people of Nicaragua and joined the cause in 2017.  Phil being an entrepreneur, noticed Mercidia wearing these fashionable leather sandals that she seemed to love and asked what type of sandals they were. The sandals turned out to be Handmade Leather Sandals made by an artisan in Nicaragua.

From that question, a light bulb went off and Merciphil Foundation was created.  With Phil’s experience making quality sandals for the last 20 years and Mercidia’s passion to bring hope to so many in her country, we developed the idea to import and sell handmade genuine leather goods to support many more people of Nicaragua. The people of Nicaragua are known to be humble and very artistic. Working with genuine leather is part of their art culture and the technique is handed down from generation to generation. Mercidia and Phil are working closely with these artisans to develop the brand “Merciphil” which is synonymous with handmade, unique leather products, and at an affordable price.

We hope you feel confident when you purchase one of our Merciphil products that you are not only getting a quality item you will enjoy, but you are a member of the Merciphil Foundation which is dedicated to helping feed families, building better homes, and sponsoring children through educational programs.

Please consider donating to this wonderful charity knowing that every year all the money from the Merciphil Foundation will go directly to the people in need.

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Merciphil at work in Nicaragua.